Fibroid Uterus: How To Take Good Care Should Women Know

Fibroid Uterus: How To Take Good Care Should Women Know – Uterus, an important asset for women. Perfect for the woman who was born with the uterus, is obliged to take care of this important assets managed. Rahim ni like engine for women in. .. If good Uterine health a woman’s body, well it. ..

fibroid uterus

For women who have given birth to the … Necessarily in advance is important to take the story of care the uterus continuously healthy. Modern times now ni how many women suffering from Uterine prolapse or falling especially after giving birth to … Between the cause is always lifting heavy items, no confinement right, last less as exercise exercises for the uterus and also not kagel wakes nutrition.

So, MF nak share 11 ways to observe the uterus which is written by Dr. Hamid Arshat.

Fibroid Uterus: How To Take Good Care Should Women Know

The ways of keeping the uterus

Fibroid Uterus

1. Be alert if there is a history of uterine diseases in families – mom, Grandma, sister brother mother and abused women. Each disease is no relation to the baka, may contribute 10% to the causative factors. Keep away from the cause factors arising from the environment.

2. The primary function of the uterus is accommodate pregnancy. Married and pregnant early when young age may prevent fibroids and adenomyosis from plants. When the pregnant uterine muscles dilate and swell so that 1000 times normal. After maternity she buds back to original size. Peroses pregnancy actually protects the uterus from ketumbuhan. Women who are pregnant or not slow more endangered plants fibroids and adenomyosis.

3. The uterus was heavily influenced by two female hormones – estrogens and progesterone. Oestrogen thicken your endometrial lining and reproduce myometrial muscle cells (hyperplasia} progesterone increases the endometrial blood and develop uterine muscle cells (myometrial hypertrohy).

Both hormones need to be balanced and of mutual partners. Hormonal balance disturbances trigger uterine disease. The hormone estrogen is important for many body functions body women and femininity and beauty ciri2. But when excessive and unbalanced estrogen may cause various diseases and disorders.

Fibroid Uterus: How To Take Good Care Should Women Know
– Fibroids tumour, adenomyosis and uterine cancer.
– Adenoma tumour and cancer of the breast.
– Sterility and difficult pregnancy.
– Uterine Bleeding.

The original source of the hormone estrogen to women is a refinery in mammals, the adrenal and body fat. Some foods such as soya bean meal too so a source of Phytoestrogens. Plastic materials and sterofoam and insecticide and spray deodorizer issued a xenoestrogen.

4. Factors that disrupt the balance of hormones. Often high estrogen and progesterone phase low which causes the disease. Among the factors is a physical hit, stress the mental and emotional disorders. The first eating of sugar and carbohydrates, contain too many preservatives and flavour as well as overweight (obesity) and disease PCOS, estrogen hormones causing all high progesterone while diminished in menungkat. Handle and control all kinds of stress.

5. Care of the uterus needs to be started from childhood. Often the girls were infected with germs outside the farajnya result is not perfect beristinjak and weak resistance/immunity due to not like to eat vegetables and fruits. Subject to teach girls to eat vegetables and fruit off ni ….

If encountering problems melt/vaginal discharge, faraj flush with salt water, he is the best antiseptic for females. Give supplemen vitamin C (chewable) Besides multivitamins and fish oil syrup to the girls. This practice was continued in the form of a tablet when reach the age teenagers. These will increase the resilience of Supplemen/immunity to fend off various diseases especially dirahim.

6. Obessity need to be escorted from childhood and adolescence. These adult children too love junk food and fast foods. Parents serve their will as easily without thinking of the bad impression in the long term. Early teen hit by kegemukkan when learning in schools, College and University residential schools.

They eat too much food soon allegedly did not have the opportunity to cook your own or not interest in food that is served. Menstrual disorders here began in force – either do not come menstruation, menstrual or too much, or too little berketul-ketul out but take over Canaan. All it signified the presence of nuisance and inconvenience of the inefficient provision the female hormones and eventually destroy the fibroid uterus.

7. Teens need to be taught honor themselves so as not to get stuck into the immoral cohabitation because many were entangled with various symptoms saperti germ infections and unlawful abortion in peranakkan and finally rosak uterus and so barren when married.

8. Banyakkan zikir and berselawat the time of menstruation. Menstrual bleeding or ‘ dirty ‘ come, ‘ coming months ‘. The various calls to menstruation. There are indeed referred to in the quran a woman in menstruation is not considered clean and husband wife relationship prohibited conduct while not yet clean and have bath junub.

Often smooth out and menstrual menstrual adakala ‘ spill/melempah ‘ to the back of the uterus. The phenomenon is associated with a retroverted uterus and uterine door narrow channels. The primary sign is senggugut and there is a cleaning system for menstrual blood. If this system fails, due to immunity of ekoran material into less consumption and higher stage of toxins as well as increased stress, menstrual blood cause disease of endometriosis and adenomyosis.

9. It is believed that menstrual blood is not smoothly and bertakung behind the uterus encouraged Devil jin and disorder towards the uterus. Therefore when menstruation women should not be 30ru and reading the quran, preferably banyakkan selawat and remembrance as a step to prevent disturbance of the Jinn and the devil.

10. Many foods that help in maintaining the womb of these pineapples contain in its bromalin and its containing papaya papase. The second enzyme plays a role in cleaning up the blood stain on the back of the uterus. Food-traditional food such as red potatoes supply a small amount of the hormone progesterone, estrogen, there is little bean tapioca there is little B17 (anticancer). These foods help care uterus. Turmeric, shallots, garlic, ginger and Lemongrass have anti inflammatory effects also serves to keep the uterus.

Perbanyak eat vegetables especially green like spinach, mustard leaves, shoots nails, cabbage, beans, carrot, broccoli, bean sprouts, etc. Eat fruits such as jambu, Orange, mango, Apple, pineapple, papaya, Dragon fruit and others. Eat a variety of nuts like cashew, almond, walnuts, etc. Good is also eaten with kismis and dates.

Eat more fish such as mackerel, mackerel, pomfret, tuna/mackerel, impairing and others. Practise drinking green tea that contains antioxidant that prevents bolih. Practise drinking fresh milk (cow or goat) per day.

11. Practice supplement multivitamins, vit. C (1GM) and E (400 IU), metal calcium and fish oil (1-2000 GM) per day until the end of life.

Source: Dr Hamid Arshat

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